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Dubai is an emirate city of the United Arab Emirates known for its luxurious commerce, ultra-modern architecture and lively nightlife. Burj Khalifa, an 830 m high tower, dominates the landscape full of skyscrapers. At its feet is the Dubai Fountain, with choreography of jets and lights to the rhythm of the music. On the artificial islands just off the coast are Atlantis, La Palma, a tourist center with water and marine animal parks.

The iconic sailboat-shaped Burj Al Arab hotel is located near the Kite and Jumeirah beaches, two popular areas of sand. Of the many huge shopping centers, the Dubai Mall has an Olympic ice skating rink, while the Mall of the Emirates has the inner slopes of Ski Dubai. There are numerous prestigious international restaurants and outdoor nightclubs on roofs of buildings. Gold, spice and tissue souks are found around the Dubai Creek. The past of Dubai as a quiet fishing village can be seen in Bastakiya, a restored neighborhood with wind collectors and houses from the late 19th century, and in the Dubai Museum, which is located in the Al Fahidi fort, from the 18th century.

Featured Destinations in Dubai

Burj Khalifa

Known during its construction as Burj Dubai (in Arabic, برج دبي, Dubai Tower), the Burj Khalifa is the central part of a more complex development known in English as Downtown Dubai, (in Arabic, وسط المدينة, previously Downtown Burj Dubai, a 2 km2 complex located next to the Sheikh Zayed Avenue, which crosses the city of Dubai transversely. Construction began on September 21, 2004, being its official inauguration on January 4, 2010. It owes its name to the Sheikh and president of the United Arab Emirates, Jalifa bin Zayed Al Nahayan.


Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is a commercial center of Dubai (United Arab Emirates), belonging to Emaar Properties. It is the largest shopping center in the world based on its total area and the sixth largest in gross leasable area. With a total area of ​​502,000 square meters of business space, it contains more than 1,200 warehouses (including the French Galeries Lafayette and the American Bloomingdales, which are the first and only existing stores in the Middle East, as well as a hypermarket and service stores. It has 6 floors of commercial area and 10 parking, even houses a luxurious medical center, an ice hockey rink, an aquarium-aquatic zoo, a flight simulator, a replica of a dinosaur scale and two amusement parks.

Palm Islands

The Palm Islands or Palm Islands are artificial islands currently under construction, which are among the largest in the world of their kind. On these islands, commercial and residential infrastructure will be built, as they are expected to become a preferred tourist destination. This immense project located on the coast of the city will increase the surface of beaches of Dubai by 520 km.

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah Island is shaped like a palm tree and is famous for the luxury of its hotels, apartment buildings and international restaurants. On the promenade, very popular for its views of the Dubai coast and the Burj Al Arab nautical sail hotel, you can find gourmet bars that offer snacks, such as shawarma. At night, beach clubs with spas and infinity pools become bustling nightclubs with live DJs.

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