I have greatly enjoyed an unforgettable trip to the Emirate of Sharjah, invited by Sharjah Airport Travel Agency (SATA), agency belonging to the Government of Sharjah, for training and specialization in the promotion of tourism in the UAE.

I have been fascinated by its cultural richness, the hospitality of its people and the beauty of its landscapes.

Sharjah is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates, its capital is the city of Sharjah. Due to its proximity to Dubai, its boundaries are confused and it is a dormitory city for many of Dubai’s workers, as the cost of living and rent in Sharjah is much lower than in Dubai.

The city is characterized by its commercial markets and its buildings designed in Islamic style, with a large number of tall minaret, as well as entertainment areas and cultural and educational facilities. Historical museums and archaeological sites are witnesses of an era that continues to enrich the modern city of Sharjah, which still retains its glory and living traditions. Its 17 museums make it considered by Unesco as the Cultural Capital of the Arab World.

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