In 2014 I made my first visit to the Middle East, to the incredible Emirate of Dubai, where I was working and at the same time enjoying in first person the rich history and fascinating culture of the United Arab Emirates. This wonderful city has many attractions to offer and it is a fantastic experience to visit it.

You have to get lost in the souks that flank Dubai Creek, the original heart of the city, where merchants from all over the Middle East come to exchange their products. There you can haggle turquoises from Iran, silver treasures from Oman and gold from Saudi Arabia, a spectacular place worth visiting.

Also the shopping centers are quite fun, with aquariums, ski slopes, ice rinks, cinemas and diversity of attractions and so immense that it is easy to get lost in them, the Dubai Mall is the most epic.

Another example of Dubai’s fantasies is its artificial archipelago the Palm Islands, Palm Jumeirah is one of its three islands and the newest in the list of attractions that Dubai has to offer. The island offers tourists a wealth of activities to enjoy, from upscale shopping centers to luxury beach hotels and resorts and a series of exciting theme parks.

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